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The Law Offices of Ruben P. Ruiz PC is a business litigation boutique located in San Jose, California. We focus on commercial, real estate, and intellectual property disputes. With offices located in downtown San Jose, we service entrepreneurs, emerging growth, and middle market businesses throughout the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, and greater California.

Why Choose a Boutique Law Firm?

More and more businesses are choosing to work with boutique law firms because of the value and flexibility that smaller law firms provide. Boutique law firms are niche businesses that focus their practice on just a few areas of law, so companies know that they will be working with experienced attorneys that concentrate their practice on cases like theirs.

Being able to work directly with a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys is the primary reason why our business clients choose to work with us. Unlike large law firms, where new clients are often paired with inexperienced attorneys who waste valuable resources learning the law as they go, we will staff your case with seasoned attorneys who have made a career of practicing business, real estate and trademark law.

With over half a century of combined experience, our business attorneys will work together on your case in order to plan a creative and hard-hitting strategy that achieves the results you need as efficiently and effectively as possible. We see litigation as a means to achieve a company’s goals and use creative litigation solutions to achieve them. We advise our clients on both the benefits of litigating a matter and the possible pitfalls that may ensue so that they can be fully informed before making important legal decisions.

The Law Firm of Ruben P. Ruiz PC is a minority-owned law firm with an open and affirming staff of culturally diverse attorneys, who have both big firm and regional firm experience. Our clients understand that the world is a diverse place that requires different perspectives to best resolve the problems businesses face in the modern environment. We use our expertise to work closely with you to understand every detail of your case and the solutions that matter to you.

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    A demurrer is ‘a pleading used to test the legal sufficiency of other pleadings’. A ‘pleading’ is the term used to refer to documents that are presented before court. Documents such as complaints, answers to complaints and cross-complaints are all considered pleadings.

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    A motion for summary judgment is filed by a party to a case when they believe that there is no dispute as to any material facts and therefore no requirement of hearing evidence and going through the process of trial to determine disputed facts. Alternatively, it could also be explained as follows: if the facts […]

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