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The high cost of real property ownership and commercial development in the Bay Area makes real estate disputes a priority for companies and individuals. When conflicts over real property arise, whether due to the collapse of a commercial development or foreclosure of an investment property, the risks can be substantial.

The Law Offices of Ruben P. Ruiz PC is comprised of experienced litigation attorneys, who are committed to developing litigation solutions that best meet our clients’ business strategy in the most efficient manner possible.

Real Estate Litigation

While the outlook for the Bay Area’s real estate industry remains strong, it is not without challenges. Record-high commercial rent has led to critical issues like non-payment of rent and breach of leases. Many real estate development projects never get off the ground due to bad timing or other economic factors. We are experienced with these matters and their consequences: ownership and investor disputes, collapse of project financing, and construction disputes.

When companies and individuals — either as plaintiffs or defendants — do find themselves in such difficult circumstances, and they come to us for help, we do not waste time. Our attorneys begin every case with a thorough assessment of the situation: we examine every aspect of the case and pursue all appropriate legal remedies available to protect our clients’ investments and interests.

Aside from our strategic approach to problem solving, we take pride in our hands-on approach to client and case management. Our attorneys work closely with our clients at every stage of litigation, from pre-litigation settlement talks to filing a complaint to aggressively representing clients at trial. We also have a strong appellate practice and are ready to uphold results or challenge unfavorable decisions.

The Law Offices of Ruben P. Ruiz PC has resolved real estate disputes on behalf of commercial developers, landlords and property owners, investors with multiple properties, lenders, banks, and homeowners. We’ve represented and advocated their interests in federal and state courts in the following areas:

  • Lease and contract disputes
  • Investor fraud
  • Bank fraud and unfair lending practices
  • Land ownership disputes
  • Banking disputes
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Mortgage lending disputes
  • Foreclosure prevention
  • Construction disputes
  • Commercial collections
  • Waste of property

Whether you’re a commercial developer threatened with the collapse of a project or an investor facing property foreclosure, you need an experienced real estate attorney who can protect and advance your interests. Based in San Jose, California, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Ruben P. Ruiz PC understand real estate law in the Bay Area. Contact us today for more information about our real estate litigation services, or to schedule a preliminary consultation.

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